Joint venture

This pairing is grossly unequal. Sidi Larbi is a dancer of exceptional vitality and versatility. His partner, made by artist Antony Gormley and nicknamed Ibral, can’t move a step without external influence. Yet the tension between them makes the partnership more dynamic than any solo.


2 Responses to “Joint venture”

  1. SmooPlex Says:

    These would make a great documentary, I hope you’re doing interviews and capturing video.

  2. Quite Human Says:

    Glad you like the project. We specialise in photography and text though we have discussed several times the possibility of interviewing the subjects on video. In some cases we have had only 15 minutes so it would not be possible to get the photos that we want and to record good video in that time. We’re also aware that the presence of a video camera can unnerve some people and that would have an impact on the shoot. That said, we’re still up for the idea as we find more willing people who work with dummies …

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