Heavy lifting

Emergency service staff have always trained hard to work efficiently under extreme conditions. Now they can practice rescuing extremely overweight people with a training dummy weighing 28 stone (178 kg).

It’s made by the same people who produce the rather slimmer marine rescue training dummy we featured in Wet and is designed to be carried by up to six people. According to the company’s web site, “Obesity is a very real problem in the UK and across the world and judging by government figures the problem is getting worse, [so] rescue teams will need to consider how they will deal with casualties of this size and this dummy will enable realistic training to take place. We have worked very hard to achieve a ‘fluidity of movement’ with the weight rather than just producing a heavy ‘lump’, so we think it will be very realistic to work with.”

One day we hope to meet this fat manequin in person, properly described as “bariatric”, but, until then, we’ll have to be satisfied with these strangely unsettling pictures, courtesy of the svelt people at Ruth Lee Ltd and the BBC.

Too fat to stand


Obese dummy for emergency services at quitehuman

Obese dummy in sling from quitehuman

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