Heavy breathing

It seems, from the comments we’ve been getting, that inanimate dummies evoke sympathy. What’s wrong with you people? Dummies are slightly creepy artifacts made by humans to help us in one way or the other. They’re not some cute cuddlesome honeybun. It’s the people who have to work with them that should be getting the sympathy.

Take Annie, for example. She’s the one on the right. She’s a resuscitation training doll used to show volunteers how to bring cardiac arrest sufferers back to life from their near death experiences. The lady on the left, a wonderful member of the marvelous St John Ambulance, has to blow into Annie’s mouth and beat her chest more frequently and forcefully than is decent.

And no matter how hard she’s tried over the years, she has never yet managed to bring Annie back to life. Nor have the hundreds of trainees who’ve also pumped and thumped the manikin.

So who deserves the sympathy here? The ungrateful rubber effigy or the hard-working instructor?

Mind you, Annie is about to get what she deserves. Health & Safety officials have deemed her too heavy so lighter versions are taking her place. And the dumb blond will be locked in a suitcase for the rest of eternity. Aaaah.

Annie the resuscitation doll from quitehuman


2 Responses to “Heavy breathing”

  1. Vu Trung Nam Says:

    Dear sir!
    I’m Nam, I’m in Vietnam, i want to many rubber effigy to sell.
    Can you manufature rubber effigy? How’s many per cent for similar between person and rubber effigy?
    I hope to receive your reply please!
    Thank you verry much
    Best Regard

  2. G Wah Says:


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