Cool dude

This is one dummy we haven’t yet met and certainly wouldn’t want at the steering wheel of a moving car. He’s called Oscar and he sits in luxury cars, freezing to death or sweating buckets. His job is to reveal the efficiency of aircon systems in cars that are still in development. He’s covered in nasty looking sensors that detect temperature, humidity and draughts. Regular human beings used to do the job but they needed lunch breaks, holidays and wages. Oscar will work 24/7 and doesn’t complain, often. Maybe that’s because he has a small metal cage sticking out of his mouth.

Oscar - aircon dummy from quitehuman



4 Responses to “Cool dude”

  1. Spacedog UK Says:

    Hello there

    Thanks for getting in touch. A great silte! Some dummies that might interest you:

    Clara 2.0 – I think you’ve seen her on my website. She moves her arms and head as she plays the theremin with me. I’m currently improving her so she can work reliably, straight out of the box, without the need to hook her up to an external computer. However, I do quite like the USB connection as it looks umbilical. I particularly wanted to work with a doll that look a little too realistic as it makes the audience quite uneasy (see ‘Uncanny Valley’).

    The Science Museum had an inflatable dummy in their Farborough Collection. It was used for underwater ejection seat tests, I think. So it’s a huge, deflated rubber balloon man. If I can dig out the refs (and maybe a photo), I’ll be touch.

    I’ve also been collecting photos of really spooky museum dummies over the years – if you’d be interested in collaborating on an extra category, I’d be happy to send some examples to get it started. My photos might not be up to your standards but they are some interesting dummies out there.

    Best wishes

    (Spacedog UK)

  2. David Gleeson Says:

    Funny, but reading this evoked sympathy for Oscar. Do you think Quite Human might one day start a ‘Dummies have feelings too’ theme?

    Conversely, some humans do not, which might give more weight to such a tack – just look at heartless, unfeeling icebergs like Maggie Thatcher, George Bush, General Ne Win and, er, Mark Thompson, for example…..

  3. David Gleeson Says:

    Sorry about the echo/repeat here…..what was that about “websites for dummies”??

  4. G Wah Says:

    Like Totally Dude…

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