Antony Gormley has been making copies of himself for decades, including an inspired life size silhouette made of sliced white bread. Recently there were dozens of his sculptures on the tops of buildings in central London, “watching” and being observed, as part of his Blind Light installation hosted by The Hayward. While that project was in development, and while he was finalising the design for the 25 metre high Waste Man for The Margate Exodus event, he gave us some time to take this portrait of the artist with a 3D pixellated metal version of himself in his north London studio.

Antony Gormley and his pixellated self, from quitehuman.com

There are many people who work with life-size human forms – dummies, manikins, statues, phantoms. We are documenting them in portraits and words and will post them to this blog every week. Here are clips from some which will soon be posted in full.

Detail of blonde dummy head from quitehuman.com Detail of man who works with dummies, from quitehuman.com Detail of phantom holding hand in front of face, from quitehuman.com


3 Responses to “Pixelated”

  1. Working with dummies Says:

    […] So what does all this have to do with the title of this post? Simple. I wanted a reason to point people towards this wonderful blog, Quite Human: Meeting people who work with dummies. How did I get to that blog in the first place? Well, yesterday, before the screening, Ivo introduced me to his father. A gentleman called Antony Gormley. I wondered why his name seemed familiar, why his face seemed familiar. But then I forgot all about it and went out for dinner with friends. Today, while having a cup of green tea with Malc, the subject came up and he reminded me. Which led me to some lazy surfing this evening, perusing Antony Gormley’s works. Which in turn led me to this entry: […]

  2. Leah. Says:

    So Is The Name Of This Work ‘Pixelated’ ??
    I’m Doing Some Work On His Work At School And I Was Wondering Coz One Of A Questions In A Test Is What Is It Called ! :L

  3. Quite Human Says:

    The name of the photograph and associated text is Pixelated. But it is not the name Antony Gromley has given to his sculpture. It is one in a series of works and you can find out the name of his project by taking a look at his website, which is http://www.antonygormley.com

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